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Wednesday June 15, 2022


Welcome Desk and Registration. Coffee and Tea. Guided tour of artwork on
Campus I (departs 8:45, lasts 30 minutes)


Opening welcome greetings from Lamri Adoui, the President of Université Caen
Normandie, and Françoise Baillet, the Head of ERIBIA Research Team, and Benoît Tadié,
President of the Société d’Etudes Modernistes.

9:45-11:15 Panels I

Structures in Narrative Theory and Poetics / Moderator: Benoît Tadié
Olivier Hercend (Université Paris Nanterre). Beyond Structures: High Modernism and the
Concept of “Praxis.”
Raluca Petrescu (Université de Strasbourg). “An immaculate fulfillment in which we have
no part”: intermediary structures between perception and reality in William Carlos Williams’
poetic discourse.
Maria Farland (Fordham University, USA). “Yankee Agrarian ’’ : Robert Frost, Sherwood
Anderson, and Modernity’s Structures of Rural Anomie.

11:15-11:45 Pause

11:45-13:00 Panels II

International Djuna Barnes Society / Moderator: Yasna Bozhkova
Sanna Melin Schyllert (Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle). ‘A woman can be civilized
beyond civilization and she can be beast beyond beast.’ Motherhood and performativity in
Djuna Barnes’s Ryder (1928).
Margaret Gillespie (Université Franche-Comté). “Robin is incest too, that is one of her
powers” or telling without telling: incest narratives in Djuna Barnes’s Nightwood (1936).
Amy Wells (Université Caen Normandie). From Page to Stage: The Disturbing Structures of
Djuna Barnes’s Antiphon.

13:00-14:30 Buffet Lunch

14:30-15:30 Plenary Keynote I: Bonnie Kime Scott (San Diego State University) Expanding Visions for Modernist Networks. Moderator: Amy Wells

15:30-16:00 Presto Coffee/Tea and 10-minute walk to museum.

16:00. Thematic “Modernist Structures” visit of the Musée des Beaux Arts.

18:00. Cocktail Party at the Museum / Café Mancel (Free, sponsored by Clemson University
Press) and dinner on your own.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

9:00–10:30. Panels III

Women Modernists: Exile and the New / Moderator: Margaret Gillespie
Catherine Delesalle-Nancey (Université Jean Moulin-Lyon 3). Escaping structure through
structure in Olive Moore’s Spleen.
Kalee Hall (Brandeis University, USA). Constructing White Female Identity through
Colonial Structures in Jane Bowles’s Two Serious Ladies.
Ruchi Mundeja (Lakshmibai College, University of Delhi, India). Time-Framing
Modernism Through the Blurring Time-Frames of Jean Rhys’s Fiction.

10:30-11:00. Coffee/Tea.

11:00-12:00. Plenary Keynote II: Andrew Thacker (Nottingham Trent University, UK). “A love for the spirit of what is
new ’’ : on Bookshops and Other Modernist Structures. Moderator: Hélène Aj

12:00–13:15. Buffet Lunch. Guided tour of Artworks on Campus I (departs 12:45, lasts 30

13:15-14:45 Panels IV

A. Artistic Matters / Moderator: Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec
Gina Stamm (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA). “The Palace(s) at 4 am ’’ :
Representing the fragility of domestic space.
Lynn Somers (Drew University, USA). False Fronts and Dead Ends: Walker Evans’s
Vernacular Modernism.
James Strowman (Durham University/Université Paris Cité). ‘Dear Ezra, who knows what
cadence is’: Musical Settings of Modernist Poetry.

B. Structuring/Unstructuring Gendered Narratives / Moderator: Benoît Tadié
Elizabeth Pitcherit (University of Texas at Austin). “Revolutionary Possibilities:”
Disability, Technology, and Narrative Structure in Leonora Carrington’s The Hearing
Diane Drouin (Sorbonne Université). The Kaleidosopic Structure of Mina Loy’s
Autobiographical Project.
Nicolas Piedade (Université de Limoges). Fernando Pessoa, writer of the thresholds?
Modernism, Heteronymy and Second-Degree Narratives.

14:45-15:45. Plenary Keynote III: Kenneth Haynes (Brown University). Late Style and Late Modernism: Raving, Ranting, Silence, and Senility. Moderator: Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec

15:45-16:15. Coffee/Tea

16:15-17:45. Panels V

A. Politics, Pedagogy, Formalism, Structuralism, and Subversion / Moderator: Olivier Hercend
Maurice N. Fadel (New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria). From Formalism to
Arielle Marshall (University of Sydney, Australia). Structures of Subversion: the dissident
production of Surrealist text 1929.
Marius Hentea (University of Gothenburg, Sweden). The ‘Moral Trials’ of Francis Stuart:
The Political Afterlives of Irish Neutrality.

B. Visual Matters: Blurrings and Alternatives of the eye and the mind’s eye / Moderator: Diane Drouin
Pavilina Radia (Nipissing University, Canada). The Metachoric Structures of Valentine de
Saint-Point’s Alternative Futurism.
Hervé Picherit (University of Texas at Austin). Not Seeing is Believing: Recognizing
Absence in George Perec’s La Disparation.
Colin Ripley (Ryerson University, Canada). Of walls and flowers: On the dissolution of
Christina Heflin (Royal Holloway University of London, UK). Surrealism, Marine Life and
Non-Ocular Modes of Sensing.

18:00-19:15 POETRY READING / Moderator: Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec

Alexandre Ferrere (Université Paris Nanterre and Cherbourg).

After working at the home of
poet Jacques Prévert, located in Normandy, he is the author of two chapbooks: mono/stitches
(2020) and Adi Os (2022). Access his work here:
Biljana D. Obradovic (Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans, USA). Author of
Frozen Embraces (1997 in Serbian, bilingual edition with English 2000), Little Disruptions
(2012 in Serbian, 2022 in English), Le Riche Monde (bilingual edition, 1999), and Incognito
(2017). Access her work here:
Ron Smith (St. Christopher’s School, Richmond, Virginia, USA). Poet Laureate of Virginia
(2014-2016) and author of five collections including The Humility of the Brutes (2017), Its
Ghostly Workshop (2013), and Moon Road: Poems 1986-2005 (2007). Read his “Don’t Know
Much About the French I Took”:

20:00. Conference Banquet Dinner in Caen.

Friday, June 17, 2022

9:00–10:45 Panels VI

Comparative & Structuralist Structures / Moderator: Charlotte Estrade
Martina Morabito (University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy). The Poetic Atlases and Poetic
Identity in Russian Symbolism.
Sookyoung Lee (St. Lawrence University, USA). Economic Taproots of Modernism: The
Poetry of Yeats, Tagore, and Zhimo by way of Keynes.
Yasna Bozhkova (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle). “Dwell[ing] in Possibility—”: Dash
Structures in Modernist Poetry.
Ioanna Ragoussi (Independent Scholar, Greece). Electric Bodies / Verbal Structures:
Machine Poetics in the work of Gertrude Stein and William Carlos Williams.

10:45-11:05. Coffee/Tea Presto

11:15. Leave for IMEC

11:45-12:45. Modernist Picnic

12h45-13:45. Visit and presentation of the archives.

13:45 -16:15. Panels VII

Structures of Memory in the Poetry of Geoffrey Hill / Moderator: Kenneth Haynes

Mathieu Duplay (Université de Paris). Geoffrey Hill/Alice Goodman: Opera and the
Democracy of the Dead.
Madeline Potter (University of York, UK). “Democracy is in the voice”: Polyphony, Music,
and Witness in Geoffrey Hill’s Poetry.
Sean Mark (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne). “Muted discords”: On Geoffrey Hill
and Eugenio Montale.
Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec (Université Caen Normandie). When correspondence becomes a
structuring process: the Gallet/Hill correspondence.

16:15-17:00 Concluding Round Table with Benoît Tadié (President of the Société d’Etudes
Modernistes, Université Rennes 2), Amy Wells, Jennifer Kilgore-Caradec, Hélène Aji
(Ecole normale supérieure) and Albert Dichy (IMEC) and/or François Bordes (IMEC).

17:00 IMEC Closes. Return to Caen on your own: public transport bus stop or taxis can be
shared (Taxi Abeille Caen: 02 31 52 17 89. NB: if you need to return to Paris in the evening,
perhaps it would be best to book a train after 18:30).

Saturday, June 18, 2022: Excursion

Modernist Structures at D-Day Landing Beaches.
(Event for those who have pre-registered in advance or at registration if space available.)
• 8:00. Departure by bus (meeting point to be announced), accompanied by registered tour
• Morning: Omaha Beach, American Cemetery (1956).
• Lunch: Restaurant in Bayeux (to be announced).
• Afternoon: Visit Bayeux Tapestry (,
and Arromanches.
• Return to Caen, Campus 1 by 18:30. Return trains to Paris possible at 19:59, 20:20, and 20:56.
(N.B. Weather conditions may impact the timing or other details of our visit).

June 18, 2021, Virtual Keynote by Caroline Levine (Cornell University). Revaluing
Structure in the Climate Crisis.