The LIDILE research unit – Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Language Education ​​– is the result of a scientific project structured around the analysis of language activity, description, formalization, in the variety of its modes or fields of application. , and through the diversity of natural languages.

The LIDILE research unit has the following scientific objectives

  • To develop a well-founded epistemological and methodological expertise in the field of language sciences and in its related disciplinary fields: linguistics, cognition, computer science;
  • To create a synergy based on common research approaches: language description, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), translatology, experimental phonetics; language didactics, contrastive analysis;
  • To support an approach of transfer, application and development of research towards the Master and Doctorate courses supported by the Unit and towards the professional and socio-economic sectors that are related to the Unit’s research questions: processing and exploitation of metadata; linguistic engineering; second language acquisition.